Jack-up Rigs



Harsh environmental conditions, saltwater corrosion, fierce storms and sometimes extremely low temperatures down to -60 °C determine the property profile of tubes and sections for offshore rigs. Especially when it comes to applications at and below sea level.

In modern rig design, tubes and sections serve as

  • Bracings for leg structures of various jack-up rig designs
  • Spudcans and span breakers
  • Hollow sections for topside structures (helidecks, flare booms, living quarters etc., see also "Platforms") 



Modern rig design attempts to optimize construction, assembly, operation and maintenance procedures. Hence, all construction material used must facilitate cost-effective construction and long-term low-maintenance operation of the units. Criteria governing the selection of tubing include a streamlined construction process with e.g. fewer welded connections, an increased strength-to-cost ratio, long-term safety and in-service integrity.


Products and Solutions

With mechanical properties exceeding all relevant standards, excellent weldability properties and a wide range of outside diameters/wall thicknesses and special grades for offshore applications, Vallourec offers a comprehensive tube program for the cost-effective construction of strong and durable rig modules. Products specifically designed for offshore service such as the proprietary Oceanfit® WeldFIT series support the cost-effective implementation of innovative concepts, such as low-drag leg designs and streamlined modular designs.

  • Oceanfit® series in accordance with Offshore Structurals data sheets OS-01 to OS-06
  • ABS and DNV grades in accordance with Offshore Structurals data sheets OS-07 to OS-08


Product Properties

  • Mechanical properties exceeding API 5L, EN 10225 and EN 10210 as well as NORSOK requirements and fully in compliance with Det Norske Veritas Offshore Standard DNVGL-OS-B101 and American Bureau of Shipping Rules MODU PART 3 – Hull Construction and Equipment.
  • Excellent weldability using all current welding processes, both manual and automatic, due to low carbon equivalent values (CEV) and a uniform microstructure – Oceanfit® WeldFIT series.
  • More welding information including results of weldability tests can be provided on request or at the time of enquiry and order.
  • Specifically designed for offshore applications with very low operating temperatures down to -60 °C.



Vallourec offshore sections are specified by leading naval architects and marine engineers. The most recent projects include:

  • Gusto MSC rig designs (CJ46, CJ50, CJ54, CJ62, CJ70 etc.)
  • Friede & Goldman rig designs (JU2000E, Super M2 etc.)
  • Customized jack-up rig designs from various international shipyards


Examples of Vallourec’s Jack-up Rig Projects Worldwide

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A Wide Range of Materials 

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Oceanfit® WeldFIT  Oceanfit® ImpactFIT 

Vallourec Offshore Sections – Size Range​

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​Sustainability through R&D

As a specialist in developing the most complex solutions, Vallourec operates six R&D centers based on three continents around the world, with more than 500 engineers and technicians, experts in metallurgy, mechanical behavior, destructive and non-destructive testing, corrosion and steam oxidation, surface treatment, product and process simulations, and heat transfer technology.

Producing in accordance with the building industry's strict standards of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification, Vallourec - as a company and with its products - demonstrates the highest level of sustainability and environmental responsibility.