Architects quite frequently transfer the constructive tubular design of representative airport terminals, railway stations and stadium roofs to representative multi purpose halls. The individualistic designs of non-industrial hall buildings, e.g. prestigeous fairground halls, use visible steel roof constructions as main elements, thus fusing style and function in a purist, cost-effective way.



Wide, column-free open halls with spaces that are flexible to use demand powerful facade and roof constructions with large unsupported spans. In a representative building context, i.e. in modern fairgrounds, tubular roof and wall constructions are supposed to add a filigree high tech architectural aspect to the overall hall design.


Products and Solutions

MSH Sections for the individualistic design approach: With MSH Sections, harmonious structures may be achieved with only very few different outside diameters by skillfully designing with Vallourec's wide range of different wall thicknesses and grades on offer. Numerous MSH-advantages in construction and assembly add up with easy corrosion- and fire-protection and comprehensive technical support to form highly functional and aesthetically impressive hall solutions.


PREON® box for the most cost-effective industrial approach: With PREON® box, Vallourec offers a unique system for industrial hall building, based on a proprietary iterative software. Using this groundbreaking software, complete static calculations are achieved and altered with minimum efforts, while the system offers both constructive flexibility and economically ideal solutions for single- to multi-bay halls with column free spans of up to 100 m and more. PREON® box uses the proven MSH Sections as high quality material basis for its modular steel framework roof elements.


Product Information

  • MSH Sections – Standard S355J2H according to EN 10210
  • PREON® box for software based industrial hall solutions


Product Properties

  • Wide range of dimensions (square and rectangular sections up to 25 mm wall thickness, circular up to 100 mm)
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Tight corner radii (down to 1 x T on request)
  • Higher meter weights and higher static values than cold formed profiles due to hot finishing process
  • Problem-free corrosion- and fire-protection
  • Attractive designs
  • Technical support
  • Application specific steel grades
  • In accordance with EN 10210 and similar national or international standards

For PREON® box:

  • Unique iterative software
  • Fast, simple and most flexible planning process
  • Most efficient use of materials
  • Static calculations and variable designs with minimum efforts
  • High level of standardisation
  • Column free hall spans from 30 m up too 100 m and more
  • Aesthetic appearance of steel framework elements made from MSH sections



Fairground halls made from MSH sections:

  • Hall6, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Hall 8b, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Hall 3, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Landesmesse, Stuttgart, Germany

PREON® box industrial hall buildings:

  • Production shop (Hangar), Saint-Nazaire, France
  • Production shop (steel industry), Jeceaba, Brazil
  • Production shop, Changzhou, China
  • Production shop (plant engineering), Mönchengladbach, Germany
  • Warehouse and logistics building (steel trade), Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Production shop (steel industry), St. Saulve, France