Requiring long-term strength and toughness, axles, axle parts and housings of commercial and heavy-duty vehicles rely immensely on the quality and durability of the tubes and sections used as the base material.



Economic axle production demands tight tolerances for the outside diameter, wall thickness and length so as to ensure optimal machining and welding properties. The base material has to be amenable to fast and precise machining with low tool wear and constant material properties. In combination with optimized production and delivery logistics, they represent a significant cost factor.


Products and Solutions

Vallourec offers seamless steel tubes and square and rectangular MSH sections for a wide range of axle applications in all types of commercial and heavy-duty vehicles, trailers and mobile equipment. They feature outstanding material properties in terms of tensile strength, toughness, CEV and weldability. Excellent product quality (i.e. tolerances and straightness) and availability in various processed and machined conditions make them ideal as integrated solutions for economic high-quality axle production.

Their overall material properties make Vallourec axle tubes particularly suitable for use in friction- and resistance-welded axles, forged integral axles and axle units with machined axle hubs (high-grade intermediate product). Special high-strength grades are available for more demanding axle applications.


Product Information

  • MSH sections according to EN 10210
  • Mechanical tubes according to EN 10297-1
  • High strength steel grades for axles, i.e. Forterior® series


Product Properties

  • Tight tolerances for the outside diameter, wall thickness and length to optimize subsequent processing steps
  • Low out-of-straightness
  • Customized short fixed lengths for immediate processing by friction and resistance welding and/or forging
  • Delivered in bundles to the customer's machine, just-in-time delivery ex mill on request
  • Ideal for warm and hot forming
  • Superior tensile strength, good toughness and low carbon equivalent (CEV) for excellent weldability
  • Tubes with fully machined outside surface for optimal surface quality and good fatigue behavior



  • Car and truck trailers of all types and sizes
  • Agricultural and construction machines
  • Other mobile machinery and equipment
  • Rear drive axles for trucks and vans
  • Special vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles etc.