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Henry Williams "Helping clients directly on a daily basis is by far one of the most enjoyable facets of my job"

​​​​​​​Henry Williams joined OMSCO in 2003 as an Application Engineer, and helped to develop the TM 4 high torque connection, which became the VAM® Express™ when OMSCO was purchased by Vallourec in 2006. He underlines the great added value of a close collaboration between customers and Vallourec Drilling Products US teams.

“In the Drilling Products Division, we regularly work hand-in-hand with clients on design requirements to drill some of the world’s most complex wells”, explains Henry who is currently Senior Technical Engineer for Vallourec Drilling Products USA.
“The product support teams will go above and beyond their duties to ensure that clients get the most out of their VAM® products”, he adds, giving the example of a recent successful collaboration with a major international operator.
“Together we developed the perfect drill pipe combining torque capacity, steel strength and a lightweight for drilling its complex extended reach well. The combination of our VAM® Express™ connection and our high strength steel VM-165 DP offered the perfect solution”, claims Henry.
Convinced that the greatest strength at Vallourec is the amount of product support available to their clients, Henry thinks that even though “VAM® Express™ is often the best option when clients need items such as large IDs and good hydraulics, combined with high torque, it’s not just the characteristics of the connection that make it great but also its ease of use”.

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