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Vallourec Tube-Alloy's Vacuum Insulated Tubing​ THERMOCASE®, a high-performance, double-walled tubular product, provides temperature isolation in response to​ various oilfield prod​uction challenges due to temperatures differences between the reservoir and wellhead.

THERMOCASE® offers the highest level of thermal insulation available in a down-hole tubular. ​


​Inner Pipe
Outer Pipe​
  1.900​   2.875
 2.375 3.500
​3.500 ​4.500
​4.500 ​6.000*
​5.500 ​               7.063*​             ​ 

  * Special Mill Order required 


  • ​Annular Pressure Buildup (APB)
  • Wax and Hydrate Prevention (paraffin)
  • Heavy Oil Flow Enhancement (viscosity)
  • Steam injection 
  • Permafrost Preservation.


Vallourec Tube-Alloy Vacuum Insulated Tubing performance is stated as a 'k' value, which is expressed as BTUs/hour-foot-degree Fahrenheit. Currently, the product is capable of a joint-averaged "k" value of 0.004-0.006 in deepwater applications, and 0.006-0.02 in higher temperature applications such as steam flooding.

​VIT is capable of temperature isolation in deepwater applications, and in high-

temperature applications such as steam flooding. 

This thermal efficiency ​offers several advantages:

  • Strong insulation capability through the use of a vacuum and radiation shield
  • Long-life vacuum integrity ensured through the use of getters inside the vacuum cavity
  • Minimized heat los​s to the surroundings, keeping completion structures cool
  • ​​Prolonged cool-down time following weld shut-in.


  • Minimize heat loss
  • Maximize production rates
  • Proven product configurations
  • ​High structural integrity
  •  Long life insulation quality
  • For use with carbon and/or CRA tubulars
  • Thermal and structural analysis available.