VIT Glossary

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Heat transfer through stationary media by molecular motion.​

C Top

Heat transfer through moving media.​

E Top

The ability of a surface to radiate heat.​

G Top

A compound, usually a metal alloy, which absorbs molecular gases, primarily hydrogen. Getters work to preserve vacuum over extended time.​

K Top

The number of BTUs conducted per degree Fahrenheit per foot per hour.​

M Top
Multi-Layer Insulation

The aluminum foil and scrim wraps inside the vacuum cavity which act as a radiation shield.​

R Top

Heat transfer by electromagnetic waves.​


The thermal resistance (inverse to conductivity in k-value) of an item.​

T Top

A pressure measurement unit. 760 Torr equals one atmosphere.​

U Top

The thermal conductance of an item per unit surface area of that item. Related to k-value and R-value.​