Tubing and Casing Accessories

tube alloy Vallourec offers a full range of tubing and casing accessories delivering enhanced performance and production, including couplings, pup joints and variety of connectors. Many of these products are available from stock in a wide array of sizes and styles, while others are made to order.
From the simplest J-55 ​​API coupling to​ the exotics of an Inconel® Premium Landing Nipple, Vallourec is the one source for all accessory projects.
Vallourec has a worldwide sales and industrial footprint that will assure our customers of timely and reliable delivery of quality products on every occasion.  Our products meet or exceed customer's quality specifications, continually producing new innovations to save time and money.​​

          CASING          ACCESSORIES​​

               ​CASING                   RUNN​ING EQUIPMENT

             COMPLETION                EQ​UIPMENT  ​

​​Pup-joint Waterbushing Pup-joint
Crossover       ​​Circulating head /    
  Interface with hanger
(nipple or crossover)
Lifting equipment Flow-coupling
​​​​Well control cross over   ​ Blast Joints
   ​Wireline entry guide /    Mule shoe
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ VIT THERMOCASE®


Testing plug/cap ​
Loose couplings
Landing Nipple