Wireline entry guide / Mule shoe

​Mule Shoes are the first item into "hole"​. The device guides the​ casing toward the center of the hole and minimizes problems associated with hitting rock ledges or washouts in the wellbore as the casing is lowered into the well.

 Applicable range

  • Available in API and proprietary steel grades, including stainless steels and high alloys.
  • Coupling OD, tubing ID, top thread female.


  • Slant or Angle cut bottom options: "half mule shoe", "full mule shoe"
  • ​Wireline re-entry guide with mule shoe combo combines the attributes of both​.



Same performance as tubing string.


  • The bottom angle facilitates entry into restrictions when rotating the string during run-in-hole
  • With internal taper machined to allow for easy retrieval of tool back into tubing string.