It is an accessory attached to the top of the drill pipe or tubing to form a ​connection with the mud system to permit circulation of the drilling mud.

Used to connect :

  • Crossover OCTG / Premium pin x drill pipe box.
  • Crossover OCTG / Premium pin x WECO® box​.

 Applicable range

  • ​All casing sizes and length of 36 inches. Other lengths are available on request. 80 ksi, 110 ksi or 125 ksi from mechanical steel (not API grade)​.


  • Safety device when running casing
  • Clean the well
  • Low pressure seal test.


  • ​All performance ratings of the respective casing​.


  • ​Used in many oilfield applications to circulate fluids down tubing, drill pipe, or casing. 
  • Helps to eliminate stuck drill pipe by making it possible to maintain pressure and circulation in the hole and to rotate drill pipe with the rotary table while conducting wireline coring operations, fishing jobs' or directional testing​.