A pup joint is a casing or tubing of length shorter than Range 1 with the same ​connection.

 Applicable range

  •  ​All standard lengths (2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 8', 10' or 12'), but any length can be specified. The API length tolerance is +/- 3"
  • Available in API and proprietary steel grades, including stainless steels and high alloys
  • ​Available in API, VAM® and other premium threads.​​


Pup Joints are used for:

  • Adjust the length of casing/tubing string to match the required total length
  • ​Adjust length of sub-assembly to appropriate handling length.


  • ​The perfor​mance of the pup joint is expected to be the same as the casing/tubing​.


  • Compensate for standard range length tolerance of casing/tubing
  • ​Optimize handling of the down-hole equipment at the rig site​.