Lifting equipments

Handling Plug is designed to be as light as possible so that it can be easily handled but is for lifting just one stand of maximum three joints. Can be either one thread step or two, and are applied hand-tight for ease of removal. They are bumped up with a bar to insure they don't back out.  They are not intended for lifting an entire string.  These are most commonly used with single join elevators or pick up straps (slings).

Lifting Sub is designed so that you can lift on the face (lip) just above the box, or so that you can bite on the sub body itself for lifting purposes.   They are used with YC elevators, side door elevators and slip type elevators. The maximum weight that can be lifted with a lifting sub (design 1 to 3) is the lesser of either the tool tensile strength or the connection tensile strength. These values are a factor of material strength.

​Lifting plug long and short (tool length) are designed for side door elevators where contact with the pipe is permitted.



  • Tension capacity
  • Weight (< 50 kg)
  • Low torque (make up with a bar or strap wrench)​.


  • ​Provides a safe and controlled lift and minimizes manual handling of equipment​.