Tubular and Accessories Management

​​Consolidating services from one central facility is extremely beneficial to the customer. Simplifying logistics saves time and expenses normally associated with separate services, resulting in faster, more cost-effective delivery. The turnkey capabilities available at Vallourec Tube-Alloy’s Houma, Louisiana facility are unrivaled in the industry. You get specialized manufacturing, make-up, testing, loading and shipping to your rig... all from one facility.

Offshore baskets are available for purchase or rent to aid in the handling and shipment of assemblies. They are ideal for shipments of CRA materials and can be bolstered for ​protection. Typical length is 50 feet; however, baskets can be custom built to a variety of specifications. Deepwater boat slips are maintained in appropriate areas to enable loading of a wide range of vessels.

Both indoor and outdoor storage of customer properties is available on site at the Houma location. This capability alleviates an extra layer of logistics when inspection, repair, delivery and the like are requested.

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