Non Sour Service Carbon Steel

Vallourec offers a large range of OCTG High Colla​pse grades, to meet the most challenging collapse conditions of well environment and load cases scenarios. Vallourec High Collapse grades cover the full range of sizes and weights from 4 1/2" to 26", grades from 80 k​si to 150 ksi, and offer special drifts on a standard basis without collapse derating.​ While strictly compliant with API standards, Vallourec High Collapse grades are delivered with the guarantee of their mini​mum High Collapse rating. High Collapse performances are also available with Sour Service properties (HCS – HCSS series) and on 13Cr and Super 13Cr pipe​.​​​​











Yield Strength
ksi (MPa)

ksi (MPa)
HRC ​value





Color code


VM 80 HC​80 (552) 100 (689)​N/AAPI formulaVM80 HC.jpg
VM 95 HC​95 (655) ​110 (758) ​N/AAPI formula​
VM 110 HC110 (758) 
​​125 (862)​N/AAPI formula
VM​​ 125 HC​​125 (862)​135 (931)​N/AAPI formula​
​​VM 140 HC​140 (965) 150 (1034)N/AAPI formula
VM 150 HC​150 (1034)​160 (1104)N/A​API formula​
VM 12​5 HYHC​​​140  (965) 145 (1000)38​API formula




Color code


VM 140VM140.png
VM 150VM150.png
VM 125 CYVM125 CY.png
VM 130 CYVM130 CY.png
VM 125 HY​VM125 HY.png
VM 140 CY​​​VM140 CY.png