Connections list

​Click on the list below to get the full description of our VAM® Connections.​



Logo big omega.pngBig, Strong, Reliable​

Logo VAM ET WISE.png Expandanble premium connection

Logo VAM DWC-C.pngSemi premium reference​

Logo VAM EDGE SF.pngExtreme torque semi-flush Shale Gas

DINO-VAM.pngEasy Running

Logo VAM FJLcopie.png Flush premium​

Logo VAM 21.png ​Advanced technology (ISO:2011/API2013 CAL IV)​​​

Logo VAM HTF-NR.png  E​xtreme High Torque Flush

Logo VAM HP.pngExtreme High Pressure Connection​

Logo VAM MUST.png​Heavy wall flush

Logo VAM HTT.pngHigh Torque workstring

Logo VAM BOLT.pngLarge OD Flush high performance

Logo VAM HTTC.pngExtreme High Torque​

Logo VAM SFC.pngStandard premium Shale Gas

Logo VAM HWST.pngPerformance Heavy Wall

Logo VAM SLIJ II.pngSemi-Flush high performances

Logo VAM LDR.pngWorkover riser, high number of make and breaks, external seal​

Logo VAM SG.pngAdvanced semi-flush Shale Gas​

Logo VAM LOX.pngLarge OD premium connection

​​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​​ ​ ​​​​​​​​

Logo VAM SWI.pngSteam well standard

Logo VAM TOP - Copie.pngStandard premium​

Logo VAM TOP FE.pngFatigue enchanced VAM® TOP for drilling, production, workover​

Logo VAM TOP HT.pngHigh torque standard (ISO:2002 CAL IV) 

Logo VAM TOP HC.pngHigh compression standard (ISO:2002 CAL IV)​

Logo VAM TTR.pngConnections for all high fatigue applications


Logo CLEANWELLDRY C100.jpgPremium dopefree