​VAM® LIFT is a semi premium high torque integral connection for large OD pipe. A semi-flush integral connection which is ideal for surface casing and intermediate casing, it is the new solution to meet the most demanding offshore challenges for the Oil & Gas industry. 

 Applicable range

  • Available in sizes of 13 3/8”, 13 5/8” and 16” OD   
  • Available across the full range of steel grades  
  • Yield strength 80 ksi to 140 ksi



  • Surface and intermediate casing / liner 
  • Drilling with casing / liner
  • Extended reach wells
  • Pipe rotation during cementation:
    • Ideal for deep and shallow offshore wells
    • Ideal for slim-hole well designs




  • Extreme torque capacity
  • Resistance to collapse and internal pressure 100% of pipe body yield strength 
  • Up to 77% efficiency under tension, with 100% CYS compression rating
  • Bending up to 29 ° / 30 m (29°/100 ft) tested under combined loads
  • Qualified as per ISO 13679:2002 CAL I 


  • Easy to run
  • Recommended for rotating liner thanks to high torque capacity
  • Ideal for slim-hole well designs due to high clearance (connection max OD only 3% over pipe OD)