​V​AM® HTTC is a Threaded & Coupled (T&C) premium connection offering extreme high torque capacity combining sealability / reliability as per API RP 5C5:2017 CAL IV.

 Applicable range


  • Extended reach drilling / wells (ERD) and horizontal wells with long laterals
  • Rotating while cementing
  • Drilling with casing / reaming with casing
  • Production casing, tie-backs and liners. ​


  • Gas Sealability as per API RP 5C5:2017 CAL IV, including at Maximum Torque with Sealability (MTS)
  • Extreme high torque capacity
  • Tension: 100% PBYS capacity
  • Compression: 80% PBYS compression for sealability  (100% PBYS uniaxial compression)
  • Internal pressure: 100% pipe pressure rating
  • Collapse: 100% Pipe collapse
  • Bending:  up to 42°/100 ft under combined loads
  • Thermal cycles up to 356°F (180°C)


  • Simple, reliable and easy running (running practice similar to standard premium connections)
  • High bending capacity
  • Performances preserved even at extreme high torque (Maximum Torque with Sealability –MTS) allowing string rotation through highly deviated and long lateral sections
  • Recess free bore as standard feature for all sizes.