VAM® HTFTM (High Torque Flush) is a flush OD integral connection providing maximum clearance along with extreme torque strength for challenging applications such as extended reach and slim hole wells, drilling with liner / casing, liner rotation to achieve better cementation in highly deviated and critical High Pressure/High Temperature wells. 

Looking ahead on the outcoming testing industry standards, VAM® decided to create an upgraded design and launch on the market the VAM® HTF-NRTM as the new standard version of VAM® extreme high torque flush connection. The VAM® HTF-NRTM has extensive tests as per API RP 5C5:2015 CAL II which include the gas sealability having load points with bending, internal pressure and high temperature at 135° C.

 Applicable range

  • ​Available in sizes from 4 1/2" to 9 7/8". Others sizes are available upon request
  • Standard and alternative drifts as per API 5CT and special drifts upon request
  • ​Validated on Carbon, Martensitic stainless steel, for Yield Strengths from 80 ksi to 140 ksi​.



  • Production liners
  • Drilling liners and liners to be rotated into place during cementing
  • Horizontal / deviated wells
  • Extended Reach​ and slim hole wells​. 
  • Drilling with liner / casing




  • An external and internal metal-to-metal seal work independently of each other to achieve reliable sealability against annular and well bore pressures
  • Extensive tests as per API RP 5C5:2015 CAL-II



  • Proven gas sealability
  • Maximum clearance
  • Superior rotational capability
  • User friendly
  • Reliable internal and external pressure integrity, and under combined loads.





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