VAM® 21

​VAM® 21 is the latest generation of Threaded Coupled (T&C) premium connection introducing an innovative and revolutionary design. Confidence thanks to ISO 13679 CAL-IV compliance within the full pipe body envelope extends the opportunities for your well designs​.

VAM® 21 is the highest performing and most rel​iable VAM® connection to date with excellent gas tight sealing under combined loads, extreme compression resistance (100%) and innovative VAM® Effect with the VAM®​ Stabilizer.

Seal and shoulder functions are separated so that torque and compression have no affect on the sealing performance.​​

 Applicable range


Suitable for any kind of application, even the most critical:



  • Qualified to ISO13679 FDIS-2011 CAL-IV, the most stringent connection qualification procedure to date and upcoming API 5C5:2013
  • Extrem​e compression resistance (1​00% of Pipe Body Yield Strength)
  • Bending validated up to 42°/100ft
  • Sealability validated up to 240°C (464°F).


  • Simple, reliable and easy running
  • Seal protected from rough handling
  • Suitable for automated rig handling systems
  • Clear and repeatable make-up charts
  • Performances preserved when increasing torque (Maximum Torque with Sealibility value)
  • Performance preserved after fatigue
  • Reduced drilling wear susceptibility.


  • ​​​​Available with high torque option: VAM® 21 HT.
  • Available with clearance option VAM®​ 21 SC.
  • Available for Steam well applications VAM® 21 SW.
  • VAM® 21 SL: slim-line tailor made designs available upon request to fit in the most unique well designs.
  • Available with CLEANWELL® option.