​DINO VAM® is a Semi-Premium connection providing better mechanical performances, such as higher bending and compression, jump-out resistance, as well as easy running, with rugged coarse threads and improved stabbing features. It is the solution for large intermediate casin​g applications when looking for fast running and superior mechanical loads, with limited gas tightness, to overcome API Buttress threads limitations.

 Applicable range

  • Available for sizes from 7" to 16"
  • Standard, alternative and special drifts
  • Validated for Carbon
  • Sour Serv​ice
  • High Collapse
  • Chromium​ material
  • Yield strengths from 55 ksi to 125 ksi
  • Other sizes and grades available upon request.


  • Any application for semi-premium surface and intermediate casing
  • Better than buttress needs
  • Cost effective solutions with superior mechanical and running performances​.


  • Better stabbing, less handling, increased safety
  • ​Compliant with environmental friendly thread compounds
  • No cross threading, tolerates misalignment
  • Quicker to make-up than BTC
  • Make-up controlled though Pin-to-Pin shoulder
  • High galling resistance, even for critical grades
  • Immune to jump-in / jump-out
  • 100% tensile efficiency for all sizes
  • Better sealing performances than a BTC
  • Tested for tightness to gas kicks​.​


  • ​Increased safety on the rig floor with better stabbing
  • Reduced running time by 30% compared with API Buttress
  • ​Can be run without 

torque / turn equipment.