CLEANWELL® DRY is a totally dry multi-function coating replacing both storage and running compounds. It is applied in VAM® manufacturing plants on the surface of pin and box threads of VAM® premium connections.

CLEANWELL® DRY features:

- Anti-corrosion and anti-galling metal plating on pin and box to protect the steel from corrosion along the product life and improve its anti-galling performances

- A soft wax-type lubricant coating on the box for increased running performances.​


  • Keep your well clean: zero discharge to the environment and into the well bore (e.g. no plugging of sand screens, no contamination of completion equipment...)
  • Reduce operational costs : Rig ready product – Elimination of storage dope cleaning and running dope application
  • Improve running performances: less rejects and back out
  • Reduce HSE risks due to cleaner environment and reduced pipes handling
  • Preserve the environment.



  • ​​Performances of VAM® premium connections are maintained when combined with CLEANWELL® DRY including: 
    • ​​Multiple make & break capacity
    • Structural integrity and gas sealability qualified up to the highest standard ISO 13679 / API 5C5 CAL-IV latest revisions.
    • ​Full compatibility with accessories and non-coated pipes
    • ​​​High corrosion resistance


Specific rules and torque table apply to running of VAM ® premium connections with CLEANWELL® DRY coated connections; contact your VAM® representative for details.



Available on VAM TOP®  and VAM® 21  connections for all grades including Sour Service, 13Cr, Super 13Cr, Austenitic, Duplex.

Contact your VAM® representative for availability on other connections and grades.