VM 110 13CRSS


VM 110 13CRSS is a super martensitic OCTG steel (also called Super 13%Cr steel) for sweet wet CO2 corrosive environments. It is manufactured in accordance with latest edition of API 5CRA and ISO 13680 – PSL 1. VM 110  13CRSS offers corrosion and SSC resistance on a greater usage domain than API L80-13CR in terms of temperature, H2S and chloride contents. VM 110 13CRSS is also available with High Collapse performance (VM 110 13CRSSHC).


  • Deep and/or HP/HT production tubing ​and liners exposed to flowing effluents contai​ning CO2
  • For temperatures up to ~180°C (356°F)
  • ​For limited amount of H2S

Finer grade selection shall take into account other parameters such as Chloride content and in-situ pH.​​


OCTG carbon steels are known to corrode when exposed to wet CO2 containing environments: they will suffer from various forms of corrosion such as general metal loss corrosion or localized corrosion (pitting, crevice, Mesa attack). Marte​nsitic and Super martensitic steels have proved to be the most cost effective solution to protect against wet CO2 corrosion in oil & gas wells.

Graph1.jpg ​Comparison of Cost vs time for Carbon steel + inhibitors (+ workovers) and for 13%Cr steel in wet C02 well​

VM 110 13CRSS is manufactured in accordance with group 1- material category 13-5-2 of the latest edition of API 5CRA and ISO 13680 – PSL 1.

VM 110 13CRSS offers corrosion and SSC resistance on a greater usage domain than API L80-13CR in terms of temperature and chloride content, as shown on the graphs below:



Corrosion resistance of Super 13Cr vs API L80-13Cr as a function of temperature and chloride content​​


Yield Strength 
ksi (MPa)
Stre​ngth ​ksi (MPa)
HRC​​ ​
​Yound Modulus (GPa)​ ​
Min. Max. Min. Min. Mean ​Max. Min. Max.
110 (758) 140
API 5CRA formula 32​ ​34 170 230
​Charpy ​V-notch ​Impact test at​ -10°C (14​°F)​​​
Direction Absorbed energy on a 10x10 mm ​specimen
Transverse 60 ft.lb (80 J)
Longitudinal 74 ft.lb (100 J)​​


The product is used in the following area:​

  • North Sea & Europe: 4 1/2" to 7"; 12.6# to 32#; VAM​ TOP® series.
  • Africa: e.g. 3 1/2" to 7"; 9.2# to 32#; VAM​ TOP® series.
  • Asia: e.g. 5" to 7"; 23# to 32#, VAM​ TOP® series.
  • Middle East: e.g. 3 1/2" to 9 5/8"; 9.2# to 53.5#; VAM​ TOP® series.
  • South America: e.g. 4 1/2" to 10 3/4"; 12.6# to 60.7#; VAM​ TOP® series, VAM® 21TM, VAM® FJLTM, VAM® SLIJ-IITM.​


  • Avoid pollution by contact with carbon or low alloy steel (pipes or parts).
  • Avoid atmospheric pollution with iron (e.g. concrete plant).
  • Perform proper cleaning and inspection after rig returns (potential impact of completion fluid).
  • Check VAM® BOOK and Vallourec recommendations for more details on storage, handling, transportation and running of Super 13CR pip​es.​