The VAM® Riser grades were developed for the high fatigue conditions experiences in top tension riser systems. Riser grades are available in 95ksi to 125ksi yield strengths. They were developed with a API 5CT PSL2 level as a basis, with additional tests specific for riser fatigue usage these enhancements in: chemistry, manufacturing route, hardness, impact toughness, CTOD performance, microstructure control, sulfide stress cracking resistance (for sour service grades), dimensional control, and non-destructive inspectio​n and testing​​​​. 







Yield Strength​ ksi (MPa)
min          max

Tensile Strength 
min (ksi)


​​​HRC max mean ​value


K1ssc average

(ksi in)

C​​​olor code


VM 95 R ​95 (655)110 (758)​​​105 (724)​​31.0​​N/A
VM95 R.jpg
VM 95 RSS ​95 ​(655)​110 (758)​105 (724)25.4 ​​​33​VM95 RSS.jpg
​VM 110 R ​110 (758)125 ​(862)​120 (828) 33.0​N/AVM110 R.jpg
​VM 110 RSS ​110 (758)120 (828)​115 (795)29.0​24 VM110 RSS.jpg
VM 125 R​​125 (862)​140 (965)​135 (170)35.0N/AVM125R.jpg