VM 110 HC

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Vallourec High Collapse grades cover the full range of sizes and weights from 4 1/2" to 26", grades from 80 ksi to 150 ksi, and offer special drifts on a standard basis without collapse derating.​ While strictly compliant with API standards, Vallourec High Collapse grades are delivered with the guarantee of their minimum High Collapse rating. High Collapse performances are also available with Sour Service properties (HCS – HCSS series) and on 13Cr and Super 13Cr pipe​s.


Collapse loads can be due to well load cases, such as cementing operations, full evacuation, and APB (Annular Pressure Build-up), or due to floating formations (mainly salt).


​Vallourec Collapse calculation model

Vallourec has a large collapse testing data in order to understand the collapse phenomenon and its influencing factors. This extensive knowledge is consolidated within the Vallourec proprietary collapse model as a function of the influencing parameters.

It has demonstrated its​ prediction accuracy through extensive correlation and state-of-the-art statistical analysis. This robust formula enables to provide customers with a safe guaranteed high collapse value for a large catalogue of products.


​​Yield Strength 

ksi (​MPa)​

​Ultimate Tensile

Strength ksi (MPa)  





​ Min.​

​ Min.



More than 3,000 collapse tests have been performed on Vallourec high collapse pipe. These tests are done in compliance with API 5C3 collapse test procedure.

Collapse tests are regularly done for R&D purpose but also on production samples. The collapse tests during productio​n are requested by some customers to demonstrate the guaranteed ratings. They are done in-house or at external labs, at a given frequency (1 every 200 pipe​ for instance) specified by the customer.


​Vallourec High collapse products are widely used in t​he following areas:

  • ​HP/HT in ​Gulf of Mexico (e.g. 13 5/8" 88.2# VM 125 HC, 14" 115# VM 125 HC)
  • Tarim fields in China (​mainly V​M 140 HC)
  • Saudi Arabia (e.g. 9 5/8" VM 110 ​HCSS, 13 3/8" VM 95 HC)
  • Pre-salt in Brazil (mainly VM 125 HCSS, VM 110 HCSS)​