VM 80 ET

VM80 ET.jpg
VM 80 ET is a martensitic steel grade that offers medium Expansion Ratio, suitable for sour service environment (low H2S) and where superior post expansion burst and collapse properties are seeked.

Manufactured in accordance with latest edition of API 5CT and ISO 11960 – PSL-2 specifications (group 2 – L80) this material is suitable for Expandable application with Expansion Ratio (ER) up to 20%..

SSC resistance is guaranteed by C-ring tests performed according to NACE TM0177 standard at 100 % actu​al YS on inner fibber.


Its primary applications are casing and liner extensions or zonal isolation with temporary exposure to production fluids. It will be used in low H2S environment (with T°) and where expansion ratios are not greater than 20 %.

Post expansion application will depend of CO2, temperature, pH and chloride content.


​​Yield Strength 

ksi (​MPa)

Ultim​ate Tensile

Strength ksi (MPa)  





​ Min.​

​ Min.



For VM 8​0 ET, Vallourec recommends all storage rules specific to martensitic steels, in particular:

  • Away from pollution sources  such as metallic powder, sea spray and standing water
  • ​In a covered and dry place and such as any metallic contact is avoided.

Handlin​g rules are those applicable to any Vallourec Expandable grades:

  • Any sling marks shall be avoided on pipe surface
  • ​Pipes shall be stored in layers with wood beams separators.