P110 EC

P110 EC.png
Collapse and burst properties of OCTG are influenced by a combination of pipe geometry such as Outer Diameter, Ovality, Wall Thickness and Eccentricity as well as material properties such as Yield Strength and Residual Stresses. HCE products start with a higher minimum yield strength increasing base burst and collapse ratings. API collapse ratings are derived from simple theoretical models based on physical test results from various pipe manufactures and do not consider all influencing parameters. Further API collapse ratings are given for information purpos​es only. Controlling the most influencing parameters during production allows Vallourec to provide our customers with enhanced and guaranteed collapse properties. All high collapse ratings are confirmed by standardized physical collapse tests.


​Yield Strength
ksi (MPa)
Ultimate Tensile
Strength ksi (MPa)
 125 (862)140 (965)135 (931)API 5CT