​VAM TOP® HT is a derivative connection of VAM TOP®. VAM TOP® HT (High Torque) is a Threaded and Coupled (T&C) premium connection which has been designed with the main features of the VAM TOP®​ product line. VAM TOP® and VAM TOP® HT are interchangeable (except for 4 1/2'' sizes). 

VAM TOP® HT​ product lines benefit from the most reliable performances, demonstrated through a large number of qualification tests such as ISO13679 CAL-IV with up to 80% PBYS compression rating.​ 

 Applicable range

  • Available in sizes from

4 ½" to 7 5/8"​


  • Production casing
  • Tubing
  • Liner
  • Tie-Back
  • HP/HT Well design
  • ​VAM TOP® HT has been specially designed for application where high torque is anticipated due to string rotation as rotating casing when cementing or torque rotating liner while running.


  • VAM TOP® HT provides high torqu​e performance with 80% PBYS compression, and is qualified as per ISO13679 CAL-IV.


  • Beyond the TOP with torque : Excellent torque capability​
  • Field proven, easy running, demonstrated with more than 5 million joints run to date for VAM TOP®​ family connection
  • Excellent gas sealability, with more than 25 customers qualification tests, as per stringent testing procedures
  • The premium standard for OCTG
  • Providing the best support around the world, with around 200 licensees
  • Widely used for acce​ssories and completion equipment design . 


  • Special Clearance and Special Bevel available
  • Can be used with GRE liner option. Please contact your Vallourec representativ​e for more information.