VAM® SWI provides gas-tight seal under the most severe conditions exhibited by thermal wells tha​t have numerous heating and cooling cycles. VAM® SWI is 100% in tension and compression, with a high torque rating and easy make-up characteristics. VAM® SWI has been tested to a thermal connection protocol at temperatures up to 350°C.

 Applicable range

  • Available in sizes from 4 1/2"  to 13 3/8". Other sizes are available upon request.


  • ​Excellent gas-tight sealing under combined loads​
  • Excellent resistance to external pressure and compression
  • Field friendly with easy running characteristics.


Specifically designed for intermediate section of high temperature steam well

(up to 350°C)

  • SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage)
  • CSS (Cyclic Ste​am Stimulations)
  • Other thermal applications.


  • Validated for steam injection applications with full scale thermal testing
  • Tested in accordance to the Canadian thermal well casing connection evaluation protocol (TWCCEP)
  • 100% in tension and compression
  • Gas-tight seal
  • High torque rating.​