VAM® SFC is a gas tight expanded box premium connection combining maximum external and internal pressure resistance with increased compression.  
VAM® SFC is based on VAM® SLIJ-II with modifications that increase the torque capacity, making it ideal for the ho​rizontal sections needed in the Shale​ plays. The tapered two-step thread​ design means that it sta​bs deep with very low risk of cross-threading. The slim OD is about 2-3% above pipe body, making it ideal for use in tight clearance wells.

 Applicable range

  • Available in sizes from 4 1/2" to 5 1/2"
  • Carbon steel, 80 – 125 ksi (including High Collapse grades)
  • Other sizes may be available upon request​.


  • Shale plays
  • Production casing
  • Extended Reach 
  • Horizontal wells​.


  • Internal and external pressure resistance up to pipe body ratings
  • Tension rating of 70% to 80% of pipe body yield strength
  • Compression rating equal to 70% of the joint strength
  • Sealability validated to stringent testing procedures.


  • Dual gas-tight sealing system to isolate internal and external pressure
  • High clearance semi-flush design
  • Excellent jump-out resistance with 10° hooked load flank.