VAM® LOX is a premium surface casing connection designed to answer high performances specifications (HPHT wells, Deep wells, Offshore wells). Easy to run, the connection is providing reliable seal abilities and mechanical integrity for gas pressure integrity.

 Applicable range

  • Available in sizes from 18 5/8" to 20"
  • Standard and special drift
  • Validated for carbon and Sour Service grades
  • Yield Strengths from 55 ksi to 125 ksi
  • Other sizes and grades available upon request


To answer high performances applications for surface casing:

  • HP/HT wells 
  • Deep well
  • Offshore well



  • Sealability validated with combined loads, in internal and external pressure, up to 20" OD based on latest API RP 5C5 2015 CAL I with gas
  • Metal-to-metal seal provide internal and external pressure gas tightness
  • 100% PBYS (pipe body) rating in tension and compression
  • 100% API 5C3 collapse (External Pressure)
  • 100% MIYP (Internal Pressure)
  • Mixed grade up to 30 ksi
  • Easy running through fast make-up with double start thread.



  • 100% gas tightness for T&C connection
  • Fast make-up
  • Easy handling with thread and coupled connection
  • High compression and High torque potential
  • Excellent jump-out resistance
  • Easy stabbing
  • Validated with environmental friendly thread compound

  • No anti-break out device needed - due to high level of break-out guaranteed by the make-up torque level and thread design.