​VAM® Risers are the most experienced and successful Threaded and Coupled riser connections in the world.  They have been developed and run over the last twenty years. 

VAM® LDR is a threaded and coupled riser connector featuring a very high fatigue resistance (SAF ≤ 1.5 vs. DNV B1 curve).  It was specifically designed for the completion and work over riser application for 7 5/8" with 5.500" Drift.

VAM® LDR features an external metal to metal seal to prevent seawater ingress and buildup of corrosion during open water work over applications.  It also includes a fatigue compliant gas tight internal metal-to-metal seal derived from our premium casing and tubing connections. Additional Fatigue enhancements include stress reducing bending swoosh and special designed fatigue reducing threads.

VAM® LDR has been specifically tested per the industry standard for work over risers, ISO13628-7/API 17G. 

 Applicable range

  • Available in 7-5/8" x 1.0" wall in T95. Others sizes are available upon request.


Suitable for high fatigue applications

  • Completion and workover risers.


  • ISO13628-7/API17G Qualified to 15,000psi working pressure with 5.500" drift
  • Extremely High Fatigue resistance, SAF≤1.5.0 vs. DNV B1 curve
  • Tension capacity 90% of pipe body yield strength
  • External pressure rating up to 100% of pipe body capacity
  • Bending up to 20°/100ft
  • Qualified to 25 Make & Breaks.


  • Highest fatigue performance makes it ideal for work over riser environments
  • Fatigue performance demonstrated with multiple full scale connections tested on a resonant fatigue frame
  • Reliable metal-to-metal seals for high temperature applications.


  • VAM® TOP FE is an alternate connection for the completion and work over application when an external seal is not required. Both VAM®TOP FE and VAM®LDR are run in both modes: open-sea mode or inside a marine riser.