VAM® HWST is a gas tight Threaded and Coupled (T&C) premium connection designed specifically for heavy wall casing. VAM® HWST features a coarse, rugged, tapered thread and a gas-tight ​pin nose metal seal.

 Applicable range

  • Available in sizes from 5" to 14"
  • Heavy wall pipe, typically 0.650" to 1.250" wall thickness
  • Carbon steel, other grades available upon request
  • Yield strength from 80ksi to 140ksi​.


  • HP/HT wells.
  • Production casing
  • Production Tie-​back
  • Contingency string​


  • ISO 13679 CAL-IV qualified, field proven in HP/HT wells
  • 100% tension and internal p​​ressure ratings
  • Sealability validated up to 250°C​.


  • Fast thread taper reduces coupling OD
  • Reliable gas-tight sealing
  • Easy ​​running​​.


Special clearance option