​VAM® HP is a gas tight Threaded and Coupled (T&C) premium connection combining maximum external and internal pressure resistance with increased compression. The connection was specifically designed to overcome problems associated with annulus pressure build-up in High Pressure/High Temperature wells.

It provides the highest level of performance, demonstrated through ISO 13679 CAL-IV qualification, and has been field prove​n in the world's most extreme HP/HT environments to date.

VAM® HPTM is the next generation solution for Production Casing and Tie-back to safely contain the production of your HP/HT reservoirs and beyond.

 Applicable range

  • Available in sizes from 7" to 11", other sizes available upon request
  • Heavy weight pipe, typically 0.600" to 1.050" wall thickness
  • Tailor-made pipe OD, wall thickness, drift and coupling OD available upon request
  • Carbon steels, other grades available upon request
  • Yield strength from 80ksi to 140ksi​.


  • Production casing
  • Production Tie-back
  • Contingency string
  • Extreme HP/HT​ wells​.


  • ISO 13679 CAL-IV qualified, field proven in extreme HP/HT wells
  • Highest external pressure resistance on the market
  • Higher compression than convention​al HP/HT connections
  • Sealability validated up to 250°C.


  • ​​Dual gas tight sealing system to isolate internal and external pressure
  • High clearance - slim line design, tailor-made to your dedicated project
  • ​High torque capacity in order to cope with the most challenging well conditions​.


  • Special clearance option upon request.