VAM® ET WISE is among the first premium Expandable OCTG product with a metal-to-metal seal that provides performance and reliability on the full envelope before, during and after expansion.

VAM® ET WISE is designed to provide solutions for multiple downhole challenges, and can also be tailored to your own needs offering the benefit to combine specific knowledge on a dedicated product. VAM® ET WISE can be expanded by all leading service companies.

 Applicable range

  • Available in sizes from 5 1/2" to 11 3/4"​​. Other sizes available upon request
  • Expansion Ratio from 10% to 20%. Other expansion ratios upon request
  • Vallourec proprietary grades optimized for expansion: Carbon and Martensitic Stainless Steel (13%Cr)
  • Yield strength from 50 ksi to 80 ksi. 


  • Casing / liner extension (monobore preservation)
  • Casing / tubing repair
  • Sidetrack
  • Zonal isolation. ​


  • Water tightness qualified on the full envelope
  • Can be expanded up to 20% with sealability
  • Metal-to-metal seal providing gas tightness and reliable sealing performances. Information available upon request
  • Connection validated in accordance with the latest expandable connection testing standards (including combined load test before and after expansion)
  • Validated with bending (15°/100 feet max) in fix-free conditions.


  • Help to maximize the potential of your well
  • Can help to reduce foot print
  • Can be run by leading service companies
  • Cost effective, reliable and easy ​running.​


OCTG Prod​uct selection guide​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​