VAM® EDGE SF is a gas-tight expanded box premium connection with increased tension and torque capacity, making it ideal for production casing in the Shale plays.

The tapered two-step thread design technology means that it stabs deep with very low risk of cross-threading. The gas-tight metal seal is located in front of the mid-torque shoulder, thus protecting it from handling damage. 

VAM® EDGE SF's high tension rating plus extremely high torque capacity make it ideal to run a full string length as production casing in Shale wells with extended horizontal sections.​

 Applicable range

  • Available in sizes from 5" to 5 1/2"
  • Carbon steel, 95 – 140 ksi (including High Collapse grades)


  • Production casing
  • Oil & Gas shale plays
  • Extended Reach, Horizontal wells up to 10,000 ft lateral and beyond.​


  • Internal pressure resistance up to pipe body ratings
  • Collapse rating: 70% API 5C3
  • Tension rating: 82% of pipe body yield strength (depending on size/weight)
  • Compression rating: Up to 78% of pipe body
  • Bending rating: 40° / 100 ft
  • Excellent jump-out resistance with a dove-tailed locking thread form
  • Sealability validated to the latest FDIS 2011 ISO 13679 CAL-II, plus a fit for purpose shale test program including fatigue testing. ​​


  • Torque capacity ideal for longer laterals pushing 10,000 ft
  • Single solution for vertical and horizontal sections of Shale wells
  • High clearance semi-flush design
  • Compatible with environmentally friendly thread compounds.