BIG OMEGA® is the Threaded & Coupled (T&C) connection standard for big diameter (up to 26" / 660 mm) casing applications. Established in oil and gas fields all over the world, the connection has proven its superior reliability onshore and offshore for more than 30 years. Its ea​sy-stabbing and easy-running robust thread design guarantees quick and reliable, trouble-free application.​

Compared with BTC according to API 5B, BIG OMEGA®​ shows superior performance with regard to quicker and safer string running, axial loads and internal pressure resistance.

 Applicable range

  • Available in size range 14" to 26"; many non-standard sizes are available upon request
  • Available in grades according API 5CT, API 5L, and Vallourec Proprietary Grades
  • Standard yield strength range 55 to 110 ksi / 379 to 765 MPa (up to 125 ksi / 865 MPa).


  • Surface casing
  • Conductor casing
  • Intermediate casing
  • Drive pipe.           


  • Tension performance adapted to the pipe body
  • 70% axial compression (-IS option: 100%)
  • 100% internal pressure resistance.              


  • Quick, safe & trouble-free running, no cross-threading
  • Field-proven, reliable performance
  • Torque-turn equipment helpful and recommended, but not mandatory for reliable make-up
  • Simple to repair in the field.
  • Worldwide VAM® Licensee network support available.


  • Internal shoulder:

(BIG OMEGA® -IS) option for improved compression, torque and bending resistance​

  • Matched Strength:

(BIG OMEGA® -MS) coupling 

option for improved internal pressure leak resistance, available for ​certain size/grade combinations

  • Special Clearance:

 (BIG OMEGA® -SC) coupling option for reduced outside diameter of the ​connection

  • Special Bevel:

 (BIG OMEGA® -SB) coupling option for beveled/tapered couplin​g faces for easier 

running in reduced ex​ternal

clearance wells.​​