​​​​​cleanwell-dry.jpgWhether it is for bette​r protection of the environment or operational ​benefits, some operators now value the use of dopefree connections where the usual storage and running compounds are replaced by a coating offering both storage corrosion protection and lubrication during make-up.​


Oil & Gas operators are continuously looking for environmental friendly solutions while optimizing the efficiency and safety of their operations. Depending on the location, the environmental regulation may even ban t​​he use of some thread compounds that have been used on premium connections for decades. The challenge is now to replace such thread compounds with environmental friendly solution while maintaining performance.


VAM® offers CLEANWELL® DRY technology which replaces the requirement for both storage and running thread compounds.

CLEANWELL® DRY greatly improves safety and efficiency of rig preparation and running operations and keep your well clean with ZERO discharge to the environment and into the well bore.

Performances of VAM® premium connections are maintained when combined with CLEANWELL® DRY including: multiple make-and-break capacity, structural integrity and gas sealability qualified up to the highest standard ISO 13679 CAL-IV / API 5C5 latest revisions.

CLEANWELL® DRY is a safe, clean and proven technology with field records since 2010 and proved the following benefits:

  • Keep your well clean: zero discharge to the environment and into the well bore
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve HSE conditions
  • Preserve the environment.