High torque

​Vallourec proposes different high torque connection based on specific designs. These connections have high torque capacity and present different levels of sealability performance. This technology is available for Integral or Threaded & Coupled connection.


High torque technology is requested when rotation of the string is required, like drilling with casing operations, extended reach drillin​​g wells or for shale gas explorations.

For example during liner running, it may be required to rotate the whole string in order to ease the running process or to improve the cementation. In order to do this operation, connection shall be able to sustain in some cases important torque level.

Vallourec develops its own high torque solution to answer to customer challenges.​​​


Different connections have been developed to reach this high torque level:

  • VAM® 21 HT: New generation of high torque premium T&C connection developed on the last international standard (ISO 13679 FDIS 2011 CAL IV, API 5C5 2013 CAL IV).
  • VAM TOP® HT​​High torque premium T&C connection developed according to ISO 13679:2002 CAL IV standard.
  • VAM® HTTC: Premium T&C connection developed for extreme high torque application.
  • VAM® HTF: Premium flush connection with increase high torque performances.​
  • DWC/C – HT​: Semi-premium connection with high torque enhancement.

High torque technology is required for some running operations. Different technologies have been developed by Vallourec to reach the customers requirement in term of high torque needs.​​