Fast Running

On the rig, a lot of time is used up for connection preparation and make-up.  

Appropriate connections and field services contribute to faster preparation and running, thus saving time, costs, and impr​oving safety on the rig.


  • Cleaning process required before make-up on the deck or during shoreline inspection  
  • Visual inspection of the threads prior to make-up
  • Thread compound application
  • Thread protection prior and during make-up
  • Back out torque


To save ​​time on the rigs, Vallourec has designed connections which enable the operator to benefit from safe and easy make-up.

  • The new large OD (14"-18") premium connection VAM® BOLT for deepwater applications has for main feature a double start thread that makes up in half the time, and ensures excellent jump out prevention compared to existing solutions. Its excellent resistance to backout torque ensures speed and safety during operations.
  • DINO VAM® and B​IG OMEGA® connections were specifically designed to reduce rig operating costs by providing running reliability through deep stabbing, no cross-threading and quick make-up. The running time may be reduced by up to 30% compared with API Buttress connection.
  • VAM®  SLIJ-II offers an integral joint connection with a two-step design for fast and easy make-up. Its performance rating is superior when the well conditions dictate a slim OD connection with high te​nsile efficiency.
  • CLEANWELL® DRY​:  ready to run!  No need to remove storage dope and apply running compound as on a traditional connection.  This dry compound coating is available on selected premium connections.  It speeds up make-up, increases rig safety, and is appropriate for the most challenging situations.
  • Vallourec Global Solutions  provides services to speed up the preparation, running and reparation of connections.
  • Supply chain management: on-site services (preparation, inspection, repair) which translate into faster running procedures.
  • VAM® licensee network located close to the customers' needs ensures speedy response time for accessories and other jewelry required for the casing or tubing string.
  • Worldwide network of VAM® Field Service​​:  highly trained inspectors ensure that pipes are run properly to reduce the possibility of a connection damage and delays in operations.