​Expandables are all tubular products (pipes, connections, and accessories) plastically deformed once run in the well in order to increase their diameters (either external or internal). It allows addressing specific end-users needs such as drilling hazard mitigation or improvement of oil recovery rates.

Vallourec can provide some Solid Expandable Tubulars solutions that can be expanded by all leading service companies.  


Solid Expandable Tubulars are used in various applications such as casing/liner extension (monobore preservation), casing/tubing repair sidetrack or zonal isolation.

Whatever the application the solution must prove reliability before, during and after expansion. 


To be able to provide answers to these challenges, Vallourec developed a complete product line including :

  • Proprietary grades : carbon and martensitic stainless steels – YS from 50 to 80 ksi
  • Proprietary connections V​AM® ET WISE:
    • With metal to metal seals
    • Qualified with specific validation testing program including combined load test before and after expansion
    • Offering reliable sealing performances on full envelope
  • Complete product line: from 5'' ½ to 11'' ¾
  • VAM® licensee network close to customers' operations
  • Worldwide network of VAM® ​​Fiel​d Service making sure pipes are run properly

Vallourec teams can also work with its clients to understand their needs and design a connection tailored to their specific needs.

Vallourec is able to provide you both expandable pipes and expandable connections that can be expanded by leading service companies.