Drilling With Casing

​​Visuel-Drill-Casing-Tubing.jpgDrilling risk mitigation and cost reduction are two key points of special interest to operators.

Drilling With Casing, a technology which allows operators to drill, case and produce oil and gas wells with the same string, answers these issues. Instead of using a traditional drill string, casing is used to transmit mechanical and hydraulic energy to the drilling bit. 

Drilling With Casing is mostly used when operators encounter lost circulation zones.  The casing is used to drill and then is cemented in place, thus avoiding unstable hole incidents.  Drilling With Casing can also be used for safer drilling operations when drilling an unstable reservoir, or drilling from low pressure formation to high pr​essure reservoir.

Drilling With Casing is an economically sound solution, using only one casing string, and bypassing the need for a drill string.  This one-step process also saves times as it streamlines the standard procedure of lowering 2 columns (drill pipe, pull out, then lower casing).


Operators may be faced with high daily cost of operation, and/or time constraints during drilling in areas with unstable formations. The lifting cost may overcome the revenue received for these wells using conventional drilling practices.

The casing and connections need to meet technical requirements to sustain the loads encountered during drilling such as:

High torque loadsRotating the string during the drilling process
High tension loadsAxial load of string weight during its installation
High compression loadsPushing the string into the formation
High burst loadsRemoving cutting with mud during drilling process
Bending & cyclic loadingWeight of the string creating bending during rotation process
External pressureFrom the formation once the string is installed


Vallourec is offering high performance and reliable solutions such as quality casing, and a full range of connections specifically designed for Drilling With Casing requirements:

Proprietary grade P1​​10EC offering enhanced collapse and burst for casing in sizes 4 ½" to 13 5/8".

DWC/C connection offers validated performances, making it the product of choice for Drilling With Casing. It main features are :  

High resistance to cyclic torsional loads, excellent torque, sealability.

Successful field history.

Successfully use​d to drill intervals up to 8000ft. 

  • DWC/C- HT​ option available where additional torque is needed.

For shorter drilling intervals requiring a flush or semi-flush string, VAM®​​ HTFT and VAM®​ SLIJ-IIT may be used.​

  • Vallourec Global Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services for Drilling With Casing challenges in addition to Vallourec's OCTG products including:

Well design services: our team is available to help operators with string design evaluation.

Worldwide network of VAM®​​ Fie​ld Service: our highly skilled inspectors ensure the string is installed properly to meet ratings.

VAM® licensee network: provides equipment and accessories such as crossovers from locations close to the oil fields.​​​​