Viseul-Arctic.jpgArctic areas are defined as areas with temperatures up to -60°C. The wells found in several cold areas including: Russia, the North Sea, Alaska, and Canada are constantly facing this challenge. Impact test for the steel grades is performed at -46°C as a standard procedure and could be performed at -60°C as per customers request.




Vallourec works with its customers to understand the challenges that they face and then establishes solutions to reduce the risks associated with severe cold areas.

​Transportation and handling in severe cold conditions​Steel can get brittle and crack, i​t is recommended to avoid collision of pipes


To be able to provide suitable answers to the arctic challenges, constant development of products, testing, manufacturing and services has been ongoing within Vallourec including: Low-temperature steel grades VM 55 LT, VM 80 LT, VM 95 LT, VM 110 LT, VM 125 LT.