Shale Gas/Oil - Tight Gas/Oil

Visuel-Shale-Plays.jpgShale Gas and Shale Oil refer to resources which are trapped into a shale formation. 

Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques have made these unconventional resources accessible, and they can now be exploited.

Tight Gas and Tight Oil are mostly classic sand deposits; however the oil and gas are trapped in rocks with low permeability (i.e. little or no connection between pores, which sharply curbs or even prevents the circulation of hydrocarbons).

​​Vallourec provides​​​​ solutions to critical unconventional wells to minimize the risks to operators. 

Shale gas/oil and tight gas/oil wells have their own unique challenges that require experienced partners to provide guidance on the solutions available.


Shale and tight sand formations require fracturing to release trapped hydrocarbons.  As fracturing technology progresses, connections are subject to higher fracturing pressures, and a greater number of high density fracturing stages.

With the increasing number of horizontal wells, operators require validated connections and quality OCTG pipes able to sustain greater tension, compression, and torsion over the life span of the well.

Those challenges can lea​d to severe consequences on the OCTG including:

High torque loads

Pipes getting stuck in the well

Tight spots and deviated wells

High tension loadsDuring fracturing, high internal pressure and temperature inducing tension loads
High compressive loads

Subsidence and compaction during the running process

Thermal expansion during well fracturing

Bending loadsTransition from vertical to lateral section
High burst loadsDuring the stimulation by hydraulic fracturing
Cyclic loadingFrac stages
Longer lateralTight Clearance

Vallourec works with their clients to understand the challenges they are facing in their shale and tight sand wells in order to find appropriate solutions.


To be able to provide suitable answers to the Shale and tight challenges, constant development of products, testing, manufacturing and services is ongoing within Vallourec including:

  • High compr​ession and high torque connections specifically design for these applications.
  • Enhanced fatigue performance connection.​
  • Semi-flush connections VAM® S​FC​ and VAM® SG​  with enhanced torque and tension resistance.

  • Threaded & Coupled .connection DWC/C with pin to pin shoulder for enhanced torque and sealability compared to buttress.
  • DWC/​C​-HT for applications which require increased torque.
  • VAM® TO​P HT  and VAM® 21 HT for superior gas tight sealing plus rotational torque and bending capability.

  • VAM® EDGE SF the next generation high torque semi-fl​ush connection with industry leading technology representing​  twice the torque capacity of the current market solution.

  • Pipe OD's from 2"3/8 to 5 ½" for both tubing and production casing  to respond to clearance issues​.
  • VAM® licensee network​ close to customers' operations.
  • Worldwide network of VAM® ​Field Service making sure pipes are run properly.

VAM® SG Video


Testing for purpose is a key for successful operations providing you with quality assurance