VAM® Risers represent the speciallized thread and pipe grades developed by Vallourec over the last twenty years for the unique fatigue enviroment experienced by top tensioned risers in the offshore oil and gas industry.

​They represent two full product lines —the VAM TOP® FE and VAM® TTR— ​​as well as seven tailor made products matching the full scope of the market needs. These fully developed products have extensive field running experience in the high pressure drilling, dry tree production, and completion/workover and intervention riser applications.​


Top Tension Risers experience several challenges including:

  •  A high fatigue environment induced by vessel motion relative to the riser string, Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV), and cyclical loadings applied to risers.
  • Increasing temperature and pressure requirements (internal & external)—so called HP/HT requirements—as deeper water fields are explored.
  • High number of Make & Breaks required by drilling and completion/workover applications.  These applications call for risers to be installed for a few weeks, then removed and reused multiple times.
  • Sour Service environments.
  • High number of additional product and services required such as thermal insulation, anticorrosion coatings (thermal spray aluminum), anti-marine growth (neoprene), internal diameter anti-corrosion and ware coatings, and VIV suppression strakes.
  • Weight restrictions on the riser based on vessel limitations. 

​Each of these challenges, as expressed by our clients, ​are addressed through specific design of pipe and connections as well as a reactive support.  ​


Vallourec has addressed each of the challenges for riser applications as follows:

  • Special riser pipe grades have been developed. These grades capture the best practice in handling and assessment of the pipe to ensure the highest quality pipe is used for riser critical applications. Vallourec can offer multiple outer diameter and wall configurations outer outside of the standard sizes, allowing operators to optimize for weight restrictions and high pressure and tension requirements. Relying on its experts in sour service, Vallourec can also offer riser grades in high yield strength and heavy wall, allowing our clients to meet high pressure corrosive environment requirements.
  • Specialized connections have been designed with patented reductions to stress concentration factors within the thread, seal, and coupling design.  These designs allow Vallourec to achieve a very high fatigue life of SAF ≤ 1.5 and SAF ≤ 2.0 vs. DNV B1 curve for VAM® TT​R and VAM TOP®​ FE respectively.  The connections have also been designed to meet the multiple Make & Break requirements of drilling and workover applications, achieving up to 25 M&B.  All of these performances have been validated through Vallourec's world leading Research​ & D​eve​lopment department.    ​​

  • Turnkey solutions including connection selection support, specialized design, manufacturing  and threading, mixed grade support, coordination of full riser packages through Vallourec Global Solutions (TSA, thermal insulation, strakes, bolsters, neoprene), and pipe running services by VAM® Field Service​.