High pressure High Temparature wellHP/HT is formally defined as a well having an undisturbed Bottom Hole Temperature (BHT) of greater than 300°F [150°C] and a Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) with a rating in excess of 10,000 psi [68.95 MPa]. 
Extreme and Ultra HP/HT wells are now also being drilled globally, with combination of temperatures and pressures over 395°F [2​00°C] and 17,500 psi [120.6 MPa].
​Vallourec provides solutions to critical HP/HT wells to minimise the risks that can occur. ​
​​​​​HP/HT Vallourec
HP/HT wells have their own unique challenges that require experienced specialists to provide guidance on the solutions available.


HP/HT wells are being explored​ and developed by more and more operators globally with combination of temperatures and pressures over 395°F [200°C] and 17,500 psi [120.6 MPa]. Therefore, the effects of the temperature, pressure, cyclic loading on pipes and connections over the potential lifetime of the well are extreme.  

Those challenges can lead to severe consequences on the OCTG including:


​Collapse loading​​

Annular Pressure​​​ Bui​​ld​-up

​​Corrosion ​pot​enti​al

High compression​

Strength ​​De-rating materials

Fatigue loading

High burst loads

Clearance for circulation/cementing​


Collapse loading​​

  • Enhanced performance and custom made pipes and connections including  High Collapse grades, non-standard API pipe dimensions, heavy wall and big OD ​

Strength materials​

  • High strength CRAs and Sour Service material with enhanced manufacturing OD and specific drift tolerances ​​

Ann​ular pr​essure build-up​

  • ​​​Introduce pipe wall thickness segregation
  • Development of new sizes to provide enhanced burst and collapse properties
    High Collapse grades

Fatigue loading

  • Connection validation with fatigue testing
  • ISO 13679 testing up to CAL IV which  includes over 1000 load points


  • Enhanced validation of both sweet and sour service steels to meet NACE and customer specified solutions

High burst​

  • Increase minimum specification of pipe wall thickness
  • ​Enhanced pipe products available including 'Control Yield grades'​

High Compression

  • Connections developed to the latest ISO 13679 specifications and tested to be 'as strong as the pipe'


  • Connections offered that are Flush, semi-flush and special clearance Threaded & Coupled

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