Flow assurance

Combined to technical challenges specific to production & water injection risers, Vallourec Flow Assurance objective is to support its customers in maintaining the appropriate effluent temperature within the subsea production system in order to avoid production loss, or even field abandonment, caused by hydrate formation or wax deposition.

Speciallized thread and pipe grades​​ developed by Vallourec over the last twenty years for the unique fatigue enviroment experienced by offshore top tensioned production & water injection risers comprise VAM® Risers product lines - VAM® TOP FE and VAM® TTR - as well as several tailor-made products. At the heart of our integrated offers, VAM® Risers products are transformed and packaged to meet your specific needs, including wet insulation coatings & VIV suppression strakes for flow assurance as well as anti-corrosion & fire-proof coatings for your production system integrity assurance.​

This fully integrated approach focuses on delivering reliable solutions for your subsea production system, while ensuring optimal production flows.


Flow assurance is a key challenge to look at closely while conducting operations in challenging environments, i.e in case of deepwater, long tie-backs, high water content and high pressure. Two flow assurance sizing scenarii are thus to be considered in order to ensure that the appropriate effluent temperature is maintained in order to avoid hydrate formation or wax deposition, that will lead to serious impacts on the production field development: the flowing condition (production), and the shut down condition.​


Vallourec works with its customers to understand the challenges they experience, and to design fit-for-purpose integrated solutions in order to reduce their risks while ensuring cost optimization through close technical support on VAM® Risers products and material selection. Early involvement with OCTG supplier is thus essen​tial so that these integrated solutions enable a seamless delivery of expertise and technologies that will optimize Vallourec customers' entire production system efficiency. 


In order to support our customers in m​eeting these challenges, constant development of products, testing, manufacturing and services has been ongoing within Vallourec, including:

  • Special riser pipe grades & fatigue enhanced connections: VAM® Risers.
  • Integrated solutions including material & connection selection support, specialized design, manufacturing  and threading, mixed grade support, delivery of full production & water injection risers packages through Vallou​rec Global Soluti​ons (incl. accessories, thermal insulation coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, sea-elements & fire-protection coatings, VIV suppression strakes, specific transport frames, supply-chain services), and pipe running services by VAM® Field Service
  • Project Management Services​.