Drilling Cost Reduction

Drilling cost represents more than half of the exploration and development costs of fields. That is why minimizing costs is meaningful for all operators. Vallourec provides significant solutions to improve the utilization of appropriate pipes, connections, and services in order to reduce exploration and drilling costs.


​Drilling costs can be reduced by:

​Improving make-up ​time of  the  connection
Reducing the weight of the string

Connection make-up represents 30% to 40% of the time consumed in casing installation 

​Proprietary grades reduce the string weight on the wellhead, allowing the operator to use thinner wall casing with enhanced burst performance rather than increasing the wall and weight of the string. 


Vallourec is offering high performance and reliable solutions such as premium OCTG, and competitive connections with fast make-up  characteristics to provide drilling costs reduction.

  • Competitive threaded connection solutions for shale applications: fit for purpose semi-flush connection VAM® SG

  • Semi-premium connection DWC/C 
  • ​Fast make-up solutions such as:

    V​AM® BOLT: a large OD (14"-18") surface casing connection for deepwater applications.   Its main features include a double start thread that makes up in half the time compared to other products on the market, and provides excellent jump out prevention. VAM® BOLTTM also provides superior back out torque resistance, thus preventing the risk of delays once the string is installed.

​​DINO VAM®  connection was specifically designed to reduce rig operating costs by providing running reliability through deep stabbing, no cross-threading, and quick make-up. The running time is re​duced up to 30% compared with API Buttress.

VAM® SLIJ-II is an integral joint with two step design, which stabs deep and reduces the make-up time in comparison to a single tapered thread design.  The validated performances make it the connection of choice for well designs requiring a slim-hole connection.

  • Proprietary grades such as P110EC with high burst properties and light weight properties.
  • Finished good products providing a competitive integrated solution. 
  • Vallourec also provides the following services:

​​Vallourec Global solutions: well design and optimization service to ensure the string is cost effective.

​​ VAM® ​licensee network: manufactures crossover, equipment and accessories, available from strategically located facilities for a prompt response to customers' needs.

Worldwide network of VAM® Field Service:  highly trained inspectors ensure the string is installed properly to meet ratings and avoid issues during production.

​​Short​ term storage possibilities in some parts of the world for easy transportation to well site.​