Over the last 15 years, the industry has moved into deeper water as well as high temperature and high pressure developments (HP/​HT). To date the deepest drilling and production is near 10,000ft.  These deepwater environments represent challenges in fatigue, weight, pressure, and flow rates. Dry tree concepts using Top Tension Risers (TTR) offer many advantages in terms of significant drilling and completion costs savings and improved long term well maintenance and intervention capability. 

Deepwater as defined by the BOEM (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management; formerly known as MMS) classifying deepwater in three categories as follows:

​​ ​​Below 1,000ft  à

1,000ft to 5000ft à

​​​5,000ft  to 10,000ft  à

​ ​ ​ ​Shallow ​Deepwater​Ultra Deepwater

Focusing on Top Tensioned Riser Systems, Vallourec has participated over the past two decades in several deepwater projects to include some of the deepest drilling and production riser projects.  The highlights are shown below:

Workover Riser application – Roncador

 6000ft VAM® DPR SR
SBOP Drilling – Brazil & Egypt​ 8500ft – 10000ft VAM TOP® FE
 Inner ​production riser – GOM ​​ 8000ft – VAM TOP®  FE

​As water depths increase, Vallourec has also developed special TTR connectors for use in Ultra-Deepwater production environments.  These Top Tension Heavy Wall (VAM® TT​R ​HW​riser connections have been designed and tested with wall thicknesses up to 1.10" in 110ksi sour service grades.  Our connection expertise and ability to roll thick wall sour service grades allows us to continually expand the product offering in HW as requested by major operators. ​​

​Highlighting this ability, we developed th​ree connections able to address future challenges,as shown below:deepwater