T​he increasing complexity of accessing available hydrocarbon reserves to meet the world's growing energy needs is driving development of ever more advanced solutions. As a global leader in premium tubular solutions, Vallourec's innovative products and services respond to the specific challenges of the oil and gas market. To respond to the severe, multiple constraints in exploring and exploiting these new deposits, Vallourec has developed a comprehensive offer by applications. This offer provides customized products and solutions responding to numerous challenges, from deepwater wells -as the salt dome fields far offshore Brazil's coast- to t​he High Pressure/High temperature (HP/​HT) deposits characteristic of the North Sea and Asia Pacific, to accessing unconventional hydrocarbons in North America and Chin​a. Vallourec also offers clients a range of technologies as High collapse grades, High Torque connections, Fatigue enhance​d products combined with Dopefree solutions to meet the specific requirements of the oil & gas market.

​For more information about the solutions d​eveloped by Vallourec to answer your operations, please contact our product experts or browse our technical solutions by challenge and by technology belo​w.​​​​​​​​​


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