Well Integrity

​Well integrity expectations

  • Risk management methodology must be considered for the life of the well
  • ​Integrity of the casing or tubing string does not stop after the well is placed on production
  • A 15 minute pressure test does not guarantee integrity over the well life and additional risk mitigation measures are available and reasonably practicable
  • A good make-up graph is typically a representation of the product acceptance criteria however it is not sufficient on its own to ensure the product performances
  • An integrated casing and tubing manufacturer can increase connection performance over the full well lifespan by covering all the processes from cradle to grave​.
Operational Benefits
  • 24/7 backup  
  •  R&D / Research Center
  •  Access to manufacturers technical documentation
  •  Access to manufacturing data
  •  Quality Assurance Program
  •  Competency Management System
  •  Best Practice procedures
  •  Global database with previous job reports available round the clock​.