Well design

Our offer​

Material selection

For the production tubing, li​ner and casing to withstand the construction and production fluids environment (CO2, H2S).

  • Extensive pipe and material data
  • Expertise in corrosion and corrosion resistant grades
  • Selection of the most suitable grades based on your well conditions and project targets.

Casing & tubing design

 Propose optimum casing & tubing strings with sufficient resistance to sustain the loads expected.

  • Conventional casing design: Using industry standard well design software
  • Advanced casing design: including thermal analysis, for the most critical projects (HP/HT, deepwater, etc.)
  • Connections included in the design (along with validation as per ISO 13679)
  • Deep knowledge of the tubular products and manufacturing
  • Expertise in VAM® premium connections development and testing
  • R&D support available.

Your benefits

Well design optmization

  • Benefit from our experience on the most challenging projects
  • Get access to non standard dimensions, proprietary grades and connections
  • Optimize the wall thickness of all your casing strings.

Well integrity

  • ​Optimimize annular clearance for successful cement jobs
  • Choose and validate connections in accordance with your well conditions.

Cost optimization

  • Select cost effecive material from your well
  • Reduce string weight and steel quality
  • Ensure standard drift / bit size.